Code:Backup 1.11.1429

New version out… Among some minor improvements, there are some features that have great potential. The portable mode for example and the export/import feature makes moving the program from one computer to another a lot easier.

Full details in the changes log. The d/l link is on the Code:Backup page as usual.


How to link Code:Backup to your MediaFire/Dropbox account

Saving backups to your local hard drive or an external hard disk is safe, fast and usually reliable. However, even hard drives can fail and at that point, all your backups are more or less unrecoverable.

Saving backups straight to the cloud is more efficient, and ensures that your backups are available to you from any location. Watch the video below to learn how to set this up with Media Fire and Code:Backup. The process is similar for Dropbox.



Dropbox signup

Code:Backup update coming soon…

That’s right… a new version is coming out later today. It will include a redesigned gui, some other features that should have been added in earlier like: CRC for file corruption checking.

A lot of minor bug fixes for stuff that was missed earlier on and many more backup options and settings.

Weird behavior in CB 13.12 hard to reproduce

So after messing around for some time with no luck, I can’t seem to find the source of the weird compile issues in CB. At this point it’s get frustrating because it’s recurring even after fresh installs.

On the other hand, the new 15.12 RC1 seems to not have this problem. I might just still with it for now. It seems to have better code completion which is always a plus.

Weird behavior in Code::Blocks

The other day I came across some weird behavior in Code::Blocks 13.12. Code::Blocks allowed me (for whatever reason) to keep compiling an already compiled project. At first I thought it was a bug but after I had compiled other projects, I realized it wasn’t a bug after all.

In fact, it wasn’t the entire project that couldn’t get compiled. There was a particular source file that Code::Blocks believed was getting modified when in fact it wasn’t. This is quite frustrating because it means compiling the project each and every time you want to debug it for example. If you know anything about the c++ coding process, this is an added inconvenience

I’ll look into this again tomorrow and see if I can get anything done about it.

Code:Backup – First public release

This is the first public release(1.0.315.1730) of a really useful tool that I depend on heavily and utilize on a daily basis. Making backups of rapidly changing files is important. Unfortunately, this importance is only ever really felt when you need a backup of something and you don’t have that backup.

Code:Backup is a neat lightweight tool that can make both full and incremental backups of most any data. It’s a little rough around the edges right now but as I keep working on it and adding more functionality, it’ll get better.

As usual, d/l link is on the tools page.